My lady

My lady

2000 UAH – 60 min. (easy domination)

Who does not dream of a fabulous and voluptuous pleasure in the format of an erotic script? In such a stop, every man can play any role that he wants and spend time with benefit for body and soul in the company of a charming beautiful masseuse.

The comprehensive program “BDSM” from the elite massage salon “Caramel” offers to translate all hidden desires into reality and feel yourself in the desired role. For a while, you should forget about decency and the framework in which life circumstances so often enclose us, and give yourself time by splashing out the accumulated emotions and desires.

In the BDSM technique, the essence lies in influencing the partner physically and morally, which brings mutual pleasure. The basis of BDSM, as a subculture, lies in the division of power between partners, it is under this agreement that the impact occurs. The section is agreed upon and a periodic change of roles is always possible.

BDSM in Lviv

Femdom – how much in this word! Exciting sexual domination from an imperious hot beauty. Nobody wants to be under the heel, but many will not refuse to voluntarily submit to the real Lady.

She will offer an unusual erotic game, complementing this with a session of the coolest and most memorable massage in your life. From such a relaxation in Lviv, the blood of even the most experienced guest will certainly boil. Because the heat will begin from the very beginning of the session. Read about the services of female domination and who “steers” during the session.

What is meant by the concept of “Mrs. services”? Indeed, it turns out paradoxically. Domina and serves! But if you are familiar with the aesthetics of BDSM, it is unlikely to bother you. Dominant satisfies your submission needs.

Who is capable of this?

Even the most powerful of us sometimes want to throw off this mask of the master of life, and then substitute ourselves under the tailed whip of a luxurious mistress. There is nothing shameful in such a desire. Erotic massage in this design is particularly popular among very successful and seasoned men.
In the company of domineering dominatrix, you can relax and allow yourself to become yourself, revealing. Forget about outdated social frameworks. Puritanism has no place in the apartments of the salon.

Mistress practicing in Lviv is an opportunity to fulfill her innermost desires. Or just take the first step: maybe you always wanted to try something Thematic, but were afraid? At a massage session with a slight dominance, you will understand whether it is yours or not. And if you want to be tougher, our specialist will respond without any problems, tightly clutching a stack or a streamer in his hands.

What to expect from a meeting with Madame

Were you a bad boy Then she will find a way of sophisticated punishment. So much so that you will ask for more and more. Are you a free and unconquered stallion who still needs to be toured? She can handle it. No, the services of the lady in the cabin are not a hard topic. Do not be afraid that you will be hurt or uncomfortable. This is a role-playing game with elements of BDSM, where torture will be only sweet. And although the session is erotic in nature, no intimacy is supposed here, it is prohibited in the cabin.

Erotic massage with BDSM elements in the services of the lady is a special pleasure. Many dream of him, but not all are decided. Therefore, it is worth clarifying that the guest actually sets all the frames: you decide how tough the session will be. They will not do anything to you that you would not agree to. You can be spanked, whipped with a whip, or even tucked in with strap-on – but only at your request. Believe me, both sides enjoy the process! Masseuses catch from sessions no less buzz than you.