Foot fetish

Foot fetish

700/1200 UAH- 30/60 min.

An amazing masterpiece of the work of the celestial sculptor – women’s feet attract, seduce and inspire true connoisseurs of beauty. If you are a fan of the sophistication of the female legs – we suggest you to visit the unique and very beautiful Foot fetish show in the salon of erotic massage “Caramel”.

Beautiful female legs have long been the subject of the highest aesthetic and erotic desire of men. This magical part of the female body is capable of instantly depriving the mind of the representatives of the strong half of humanity, causing an extremely strong attack of erotic desire. This worship is called the Foot Fetish.

During the Foot Fetish program, you manage to experience all the nuances of magical emotions.
An exclusive action will help you discover the secret of the magical power of the lady’s foot.
The romance room woven from the light of twinkling candles and the subtle aroma of fragrances, the lightest walk of the most beautiful of fairies, begins the foot fetish show…
The brilliant masseuses of our massage parlor, moving gracefully, bring to your eyes the true beauty of their charming legs. Another moment and you are left alone with the object of your aspirations.
Here, in the massage salon “Caramel”, all erotic taboos are filmed, during the Foot fetish show you will be able to embody the fantasies that lurked in your soul.

The amazing Foot Fetish show within the walls of our massage parlor continues.
A wonderful nymph allows you to have fun with your feet the way you want. You stroke and kiss them, touch them with your cheeks and chins, playing, caressing your feet with your tongue, feeling the indescribable tenderness of the skin. Long, neat little fingers decorated with nails of perfect shape – like precious rubies, they lure you to you, giving you unspeakable joy. You are blessed. Like berries, you eagerly taste the little finger on the sweet legs …
During the Foot Fetish program, the tip of the nose touches the feet of the lady and you feel the light aroma of magical oil, through which the pleasant smell of the female body is felt. Foot fetish show is mesmerizing! Soft, baby pink heels, smooth and soft, designed to give happiness to those who love them so much! Your flesh is barely noticeable with pleasure and, in an instant, it breaks out.

Foot fetish is the choice of chosen people, whose soul is the place for an exotic holiday. Come to our erotic massage salon to get what you dream of!